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Car window tinting specialists. A quality auto window tinting service with all work guaranteed.

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What is Window Film?

Window Film is made out of a thin, multi-layered piece of optically clear film with a very thin layer of tinting agents such as dyes and/or metals deposited onto the film to give varying levels of reflectivity and different shades and colors. These layers are assembled and finished with a strong scratch-resistant coating. Window film is always applied to the inside surface of glass.

Window tint is available in many different shades to suit your preferences. It is a myth that window film has to be dark to be effective. Unlike sunglasses that do impair your ability to drive at night, window film is designed to reduce glare and not impede night-time driving.

Once tinting film is applied to a window, the characteristics of how visible light comes into the car changes. Normal auto glass without tint reflects around 5% of visible light (known as VLR%), absorbs another 5% (known as VLA%), and transmits 90% of visible light (known as VLT%) into the car.

Depending on the type and quality of tinting film applied to a window, these percentages change dramatically. Some films are more reflective, and others absorb more light. The number you will most commonly see is the VLT% (Visible Light Transmittance). Almost all the official names of films include the VLT% within it like Johnson HP Quantum 28.. VLT% tells you how much visible light is allowed to shine into the car, and also indirectly how dark the tint looks.

Tinting film doesn't just block visible light. It also blocks harmful cancer-causing ultra-violet (UV-A and UV-B) rays as well as infra-red (IR) rays that cause heat to build up in your car; however, how effective a film is in blocking these rays depends on the type of film, the manufacturer, and the quality of installation.

We are the experts in window tinting

- Car tints 100% legal
- Life time warranty on performance
- Bubble free
- No discoloration
- Will never turn violet
Classis high performance window tinting films will offer much more than just a good look. They will protect the inside of your vehicle as well as your passengers.

Window tinting films will reduce significantly discoloration as well as deterioration of all the materials used in the inside of a vehicle. Yes the UV rays from the sun are harmful to fabric, with the aging of those materials they will fade out. But this process can be reduced thanks to window tinting film. Yes the installation of a high performance window tinting film will in fact reject as much as 90% of ultraviolet rays; which are the damaging rays from the sun.

Window tinting provides more than good looks. It is important to protect your eyes and skin when exposed to the sun. While you are travelling in your vehicle a high performance window tinting film will protect your eyes and skin as well as your passengers.

During hot summer days air conditioning will take longer to cool your vehicle down, which in turn requires the compressor to work constantly to keep you cool. This naturally increases you fuel consumption since your engine works harder for the compressor. With a high performance Classis film, you are repelling most of that heat.

Reducing the heat that penetrates into your vehicle does not only protect your vehicle but it makes it more comfortable to drive for long periods.

Secure your windows. In case of an accident there is going to be some of flying debris. Window tinting film will help keep broken glass together and prevent pieces of glass from flying around inside the vehicle during an accident. The same way a windshield will hold the majority of the glass flying around, Classis window tinting film will protect you and your vehicle.

Classis window tints come in a wide variety of shades. If you are looking for a light tint for a car or a darker tint for a working truck we have it.

Classis window film will help:
-Reduce glare
-Block UV rays up to 99%
-Increase your driving comfort
-Reject 66% of sun heat
-Protect you and your passengers
-Make your vehicle look great

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